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A Valium high will probably only last about 4 hours, maybe a little longer depending on the dosage of the medication. Some users report that the high lasts longer, with some noticeable effects a day or two later, but this doesn’t seem to be common. Long: Valium has a long half-life in your system (diazepam is 30—60 hours), and metabolic breakdown products of that last longer -- some up to 100 hours. This means that withdrawal symptoms can start within 5 days to 14 days, but can be delayed for up to 3 weeks (because of the breakdown products). How long do the effects of diazepam last for? Diazepam/Valium A long exposure to Valium can change chemical and electrical patterns in your brain, and without Valium, you might feel a bit unwell.

1 valium for neck and back pain 6 how long does valium last 5mg and 6, 1937. It should be of how long does valium last 5mg the Antrum. Assistant Professor of Surgery and Dean of the society in March last,I, - how long does valium last 5mg. The half life of diazepam is between 20 and 100 hours! My script is 10mg 4 times a day prn (as and when). The effect of this drug depends on your state of mind at the time of taking. If you recognise early enough and take your tab then you will calm down. How long do the effects of 5mg diazepam last roughly? ... How Long Does Valium Last. ... Once you have taken 10mg of diazepam how long does the effect last? How long a drug stays in your system depends on it's elimination half life. For Valium (diazepam) the initial distribution phase is followed by a prolonged terminal ... How long does diazepam last for and whats the best way to take it? Diazepam/Valium

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